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What are you still waiting for, go immediately to kostenlose spiele ohne anmeldung now is the time to start playing and also winning! I am delighted to announce that Pippas Pet Care now sponsors Jakey from the dog trust

Pippas Pet Care sponsors Jakey from the dog trust Pippas Pet Care now sponsors  Jakey from the dog trust

Hi I’m Jakey

As you can see I’m a fluffy coated Springer Spaniel cross, with a very waggy tail! I’ve lived at Dogs trust since I was a puppy and I think it’s great.

My carers are brilliant because they take me on long walks with my doggy friends where I swim in the pond with the ducks and they groom me after I’ve rolled around in lots of mud! I love getting dirty so it’s a good thing I like getting cleaned up afterwards too.

My Favourite hobby is chewing! I’ll chew almost anything, so my carers make sure that the only thing chewable nearby is a nice tasty bone. I cannot complain about that – bones do taster better than squeaky toys.

Thanks to Pippa this is all made possible by sponsoring me, Waggingly yours, Jakey x

Pippas Pet Care now sponsors  Jakey from the dog trust

You can read all about Jakey and his friends on the link